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About us


Why we exist

We live in incredible times: Internet tech is ubiquitous worldwide. It has brought about self-driving cars, watches you can talk to, and the biggest music library ever in your pocket, Just thirty years ago, all this was sci-fi.

But these developments have come at a cost. Nowadays, it’s normal for Big Tech Companies to collect our private information to quench their thirst for Big Data. We’ve seen with Facebook, Uber and Equifax how vulnerable that information can be.

But the security isn’t even the biggest question: Why do they need all our personal details anyway?


They want our data, because, knowledge is power.

By collecting all your private data, companies and governments are becoming powerful to the extent that they virtually own you. And this might turn out to be very harmful to us.

Big Data creates a huge advantage for companies in doing business with you. For example, by analysing social posts, Big Data technology filters for those who are slightly depressed. Why? Because slightly depressed people tend to hit the "buy" button faster… It’s clear that your interest is not always the interest of businesses collecting your data.

At www.onionride.com we love 21st century tech

But we also believe that we shouldn’t let the balance of power tilt too much in favour of corporations and governments. Big companies and governments should leave your data alone, unless you consciously decide to give them access.

That’s why we’re developing tools that help you control the personal information you decide to share online or not.


Our history

Founded in 2020 by Tech ADR and www.onionride.com.

Search engines are the gate-keepers of the internet, they help us find stuff.
We trust them like our closest friends, sharing our most private questions and thoughts. This trust however, is completely unjustified...

At www.onionride.com, we understood the privacy dangers of logging people’s search behavior early on, and given our team’s strong convictions about privacy, we decided to act on it.

The future

We’re also working on other private Android Applications of common online or offline tools. Keep an eye out for new services to be introduced soon.

We want you to be able to dance like nobody’s watching!


Company details

Onion Search - Indian Search Engine

Tech ADR Group